Latif Fitness Center Services Terms and Conditions

1. Classes or sessions booked in personal training, group training or online classes expire at the end of their period (one month – 3 months) from the date of the first class or the number of classes, whichever is earlier.

2. There is no system of freezing participation in all services, including personal, group or online training, whatever the reasons.

3. The subscription amount cannot be refunded after payment or transferring all or part of the training sessions to other people.

4. The timings of the classes are fixed and cannot be changed in case of absence in other timing, and this is done by mutual agreement on the timing between the trainee and the management of the center.

5. Delay in the class time is deducted from the time of the training session and is not compensated, and a delay of more than 15 minutes gives the center the right to cancel the class without compensating it.

6. The trainee can postpone two classes during the month, while retaining the right to compensate during the same month, provided that the center management is informed of the postponement within no less than 24 hours from the time of the class to be postponed. Notify us of not attending in less than 24 hours, the class will be counted.

7. The counseling session is an essential service to obtain the services, and the trainee must bear its fees.

8. We help you reach goals with modern theories and methods in the science of sports training, but we do not guarantee that you will reach them.

9. The center has the right not to continue providing its services to the trainee, in case the trainee fails to abide by the ethical issues or the center’s laws.

10. Disclosure of all health matters is the responsibility of the participant and concealment of matters related to his health or sports history. The trainee bears full responsibility for his condition.

11. We are working on what we deem appropriate for the trainee, scientifically and professionally, so the trainee cannot impose the sports style he desires in the event that we see it as not serving his interest.

12. Maintaining personal hygiene is essential, as the center has the right to warn the trainee of any matter related to personal hygiene, and in the event the trainee does not respond and the matter continues, the center has the right to cancel the trainee’s subscription without refunding the subscription amount.

13. The trainee has the right to request assistance in matters that the trainer can help him with under the service he is subscribed to.

14. In the event that you pay for any service available to Dunya, whether in the center or on the website, this indicates your agreement to all of the above

We wish you success in achieving all your goals and ambitions

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