Whether your exercise goals are for health, aesthetics or athletics, the means to those ends all come from changing your body composition. That’s why our workouts focus on losing fat and building muscle. But true transformation in our bodies doesn’t actually occur while we’re training, it happens during recovery. That’s why allowing our bodies the time and support to recover is crucial to the effectiveness of our exercise programs in addition to the benefits it has on our mental health.

At Latif Fitness Center we offer the latest recovery solutions to our clients, which includes:

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Delivered at 660nm, red light is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, leading to enhanced skin health…

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Sleep Therapy

The world’s first and only patented neuroscience clinically proven to reduce stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. uses state-of-the art…

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Leg Compression

Better Blood Flow Prevention and Treatment of Varicose Veins Less Swelling boost your muscles recovery

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LF Recovery Package

A bundle of 6 sessions combining either Sleep Therapy & Leg Compression OR Sleep and Red Light Therapy.

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