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In This course you get everything you need to know to reach to training efficient stage, its good start for those who never trained before and also a great jump to higher performance by leveling up your exercise program with the right strategies and methods

:You will Learn in This Course

  1. Transtheoretical model of behavior change.
  2. Deferent Between Activities and exercise
  3. Physical Fitness Component
  4. How do you use deferent fuel systems
  5. A six keys to design your exercise program
  6. The 4 Stages of training ( functional & Resistance training – Cardiorespiratory Training ).
  • Stability – Mobility
  • Movements
  • Bent and left ( squat – hip hinge)
  • Single leg
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Rotation

7. Body assessment and test.

8. Design your workout

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